Why Do We Gain Weight?

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A weighted thought: Why do we gain weight?

1) Disturbance of our circadian cycle. All the tissues in the body have an internal clock. The turning off and on of these genes in a timely way regulate hormones and metabolism.
2) Stress and varied forms of adrenal over activation.
3) Lack of movement prevents the food you eat to be turned into muscle energy or glycogen, instead the energy gets deposited as fat in the abdomen and even within your muscles.
4) The type of food you eat creates the type of microbiome or bacteria population inside your gut, how inflamed you are, and how your food is absorbed.
5) The over abundance of common and processed food. Wheat, dairy, sugar, soy are every where and almost every processed food.
6) High insulin or insulin resistance causes the mitochondria or energy making units to slow down lowering metabolism further.
7) Loss of signals of hunger and satiety due to the defect in energy disposition and distribution due to being sedentary, growing fat cells, high insulin and other inflammatory molecules
8) Loss of hormones like estrogen in women or testosterone in men. Estrogen loss at menopause cause a drop in resting energy expended and a reduction in activity level, and muscle mass. Leading increase in waist enlargement and fat depsition in the abdomen. Hormone replacement therapy reverses this all. Exercise alone will only improve muscle mass loss. Decreasing intake by 200 cals/day helps.
9) Thyroid hormone imbalances.
10) Pregnancy!
11) Certain medicines either alter appetite signals in the brain or cause insulin resistance.

I hope this info helps you assess your situation for a better you this coming year.

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