Office Services

  1. ENDOCRINOLOGY. Dr. Olson evaluates, manages, and provides second opinions on all endocrine issues. The main focus is on all thyroid conditions such as Hashimotos thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, calcium and parathyroid issues, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer from pre-operative evaluation to postoperative medical and psychological management.
  2. HORMONE REPLACEMENT. Dr. Olson has unique expertise managing thyroid hormone replacement. She uses standard or combination therapies to treat thyroid hormone deficiencies. She also addresses hormone deficiency replacement for menopausal transitions. Learn more about bio-identical hormone treatment and what might be best for you here: Is bio-identical hormone treatment right for you?, Also see her blogs on this topic.
  3. LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION AND COACHING. Dr. Olson believes in a holistic, mind-body approach to address lack of wellness and to prevent or address diseases through lifestyle and personal changes. Lifestyle transformation and coaching can help you age beautifully and help you to manage and revert manifested disease. Dr. Olson also provides consultations to help you understand what is happening medically to you if you are confused about your medical care.  This empowers patients to be better informed and work better with their primary care physicians.
  4. PHONE CONSULTATIONS. Dr. Olson can provide phone consultations for guidance or consultation on health conditions / treatments / decisions that you are facing and you need educated and objective input/opinion.
  5. STRESS MANAGEMENT. Because Dr. Olson believes that stress, mind-body issues, and past traumatic events affect health and healing, the immune and endocrine systems, she encourages mindfulness-based stress reduction training, and counseling if needed, and will make referrals as needed.