Pregnancy and Weight Loss

Many of my patients have trouble getting back to their weight after pregnancy. Just read in New England Journal of Medicine December 5 issue a Perspective article about how early should obesity prevention start. The authors were Drs. MW Gillman and DS Ludwig. They note and show data that the prevalence of obesity in school age children was only 6% if the mothers did not smoke or gain excessive weight during pregnancy, and the infants were breast fed for 12 months and slept for at least 12 hours per day during infancy. In contrast the prevalence of obesity was 29% for children for whom the opposite was true.

These effective interventions during pregnancy and after birth seem to be helpful to baby but also for moms in getting back to their pre pregnancy weight. Many studies are ongoing that will inform us further on how to do this period of life better for all involved. Pass the word to all pregnant friends you know! Eat low glycemic and whole foods. Be active. Use the energy stored during pregnancy to feed baby into a healthy nurtured first year of life.

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