Dr. Olson’s Choices for Healing CD’s

For Good Sleep

1) Healthy Sleep, by Andrew Weil, MD, and Rubin Naiman, PhD

2) Yoga Nidra, by Jennifer Reis

Daily Routines for healing your constitution in the Ayurvedic tradition

In Ayurveda there are 3 constitutional types Vata, Pita and Kapha. We all have combinations of these but we each have a predominant type. According to Ayurvedic medicine having a daily routine that is supportive of your individual constitution leads to greater vibrancy and health. Having an imbalance in your constitution can cause disease.

1) Dinacharya – Ayurvedic Daily Routines, by Hilary Garivaltis

For Calming anxiety, un-settleness, angst, and ayurvedic VATA types

1) Taming the Winds of Vata: A Vata Balancing Asana Practice, by Sudha Carolyn Lundeen

For healing and calming through sounds

I recommend CD’s by Kimba Arem. Her music uses many instruments including the digiredo that produces binaural sounds which can effectively affect brain waves to enter calmer and clearer states.

1) Vibrational Sound Healing, by Kimba Arem and Andrew Weil

2) Self-Healing with Sound & Music, by Kimba Arem and Andrew Weil

Mindfulness and stress reduction

I recommend the CD below every year for everyone. This is one of the best works of all time to educate and train the brain for stress reduction. It offers four, 40-45 minute sessions on guided mindfulness (the process of developing awareness) for four types of awareness training experiences: a Sitting Meditation, Standing Meditation, a Body Scan Meditation and a Yoga or moving meditation. I recommend you do one of these every day at the same time and at the same place. Until you set the habit of scheduling time to just be with yourself. Don’t judge yourself and what is happening during the meditation. You will notice with time that your life experience naturally improves and that the choices you make for yourself and others will be wiser, compassionate, and life affirming. This is particularly valuable if you are in your head a lot (true for most of us stressed-out professionals and multitasking moms and dads), and if you have anxiety, depression or significant overwhelming stress, if you are a stress eater, if you have trouble sleeping. This is also so helpful if you live with pain, if you have been diagnosed with cancer, and if you have irritable bowel. Really I think this is my number 1 tool in my healing armamentarium.

1) Guided Mindfulness Meditation, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

For “cool” stress reduction

To engage yourself and your kids into the “coolness” of stress reduction through breath and meditation listen to rapper MC Yogi. Listen to his song “Breath Control” but the other songs are very good too, especially entertaining is Hanuman’s tale.

1) Pilgrimage, by MC Yogi

Meditate to music

To meditate to music with the purpose of connecting to your own spirit, your wisdom, your own guru chants can help: Close your eyes and listen with mind and heart to this 8 minute chant (mantra) by Snatam Kaur’s “Ong Namo” (I LOVE THIS and I also like that she translates the meaning in english) You can find this chant in 3 of her albums:

1) Essential Snatam Kaur

2) Celebrate Peace, by Snatam Kaur

3) Live in Concert, by Snatam Kaur

Note: I do not make any money for recommending these CD’s. My purpose is to do my part and help the world heal and feel better.  Many people do not get a chance to have appointments with me, so its good to help. I do love Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox Mass. The Kripalu Yoga Teacher Association makes many of the CD’s  I recommend. Some of the money is donated to bringing yoga to people in communities with little resources.  www.kripalu.org

No religious path is suggested or implied by my recommendations. These are suggestions for learning and discovering what may work for healing you.