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Lifestyle Matters: How to Prevent Fatty liver, Diabetes, and Heart disease.

I have been doing a lot of research into the pathways that result in a fatty liver (fat deposition in liver) and belly fat and how to prevent it.  These two conditions are the precursors to the development of diabetes

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Tackle weight gain, irritable bowel, and body inflammation with food.

Many patients have a desire to lose weight and assume that the problem is due to their thyroid and hormone imbalances. While some patients do have thyroid or hormone problems that can be fixed, they may still not lose weight with treatment.

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Reads for Wellness in 2017: On Telomeres, Behavior, and Brain Science.

We all start the year with resolutions to improve habits, accomplish goals, change the world, etc.  Many give up on their resolutions within 15 to 90 days of making them.  I recommend these three books to strengthen your resolve to be

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Graves thyroid and eyed disease and selenium.

Graves’ disease and Selenium: my 2016  update Selenium is a useful adjunct to help management or progression of bulging Eyes, or orbitopathy in Graves disease. The thyroid stimulating antibodies of Graves’ disease produce oxidative stress, fibroblast (collagen-producing) cell proliferation and

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A lower T3 is associated with a longer life.

A lower T3 in healthy individuals is associated with a longer life. Lower t3 and T4 and higher TSH (blood test that lean toward mild hypothyroids) are associated with a longer life. Supporting Facts are :1)The lower the t4 the

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Best Type of High Protein Diet Depends On Your Health.

I will discuss 2 articles on this topic for this blog: High protein diets are helpful with weight loss but there has been a concern that high protein diets can be damaging to the kidneys. This first article, published in

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A resounding plea to doctors to reinstate use of HRT for women with menopausal symptoms.

My purpose in writing this educational, 2500 word, blog is to help women everywhere get the correct health care and improve their quality of life at menopause.  I am trying to reverse an unfortunately bad trend that affected women’s health

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New definition of hypothyroidism in pregnancy.

I just returned from the Endocrine Society meetings where the guidelines for treatment of thyrotoxicosis (hyperthyroidsm) and thyroid replacement in pregnancy were discussed.  I will focus on goals for treatment in women who have Hashimotos (positive TPO- AB, or thyroid

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It’s On Us

So impressed by Lady Gaga’s performance tonight at the Oscars to support the prevention of sexual assault on college campuses or elsewhere. See and support the cause: ITSONUS.ORG

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On Respect For Women

New CDC guidelines on alcohol use for women, intended to prevent alcohol fetal syndrome and date rape, indirectly continue to give abusers a pass on violence to women. A sad conundrum! The CDC’s incredibly condescending warning to young women

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