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Lower energy expenditure and T3 in hypothyroid women on thyroid hormone replacement

Lower Energy expenditure in women receiving thyroid hormone replacement for hypothyroidism. In this March 2016 issue on Thyroid an article explores the effects of thyroid hormone replacement therapy on energy expenditure and body composition. This is a cross sectional study

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New definition of hypothyroidism in pregnancy.

I just returned from the Endocrine Society meetings where the guidelines for treatment of thyrotoxicosis (hyperthyroidsm) and thyroid replacement in pregnancy were discussed.  I will focus on goals for treatment in women who have Hashimotos (positive TPO- AB, or thyroid

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Iodine and Thyroid

This past month I had a few patients who had borderline hypothyroid lab tests. Some of these patients were vegan, avoided dairy or were lactose intolerant, and used sea salt. They had normal thyroid glands on exam and ultrasound and

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Information for Thyroid and Breast Cancer Survivors

A Possible Association between Thyroid Cancer and Breast Cancer. A study in last month’s Thyroid (volume 25, number 12 : 1330-8, in December 2015) from Seoul, Korea reported that 55 out of 4243 women with thyroid cancer developed breast cancer

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My Letter to AACE Regarding Testing for T3

Efforts to prevent “unnecessary tests” may prevent endocrinologists from determining what hormone replacement is optimal for patients with thyroid disease. I am posting a letter I just wrote to the president of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE). My

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Detox From American Diet

This Article parallels my yearly advice and recommendation for detoxification and weight loss for my patients with endocrine issues. This is particularly useful for patients with Graves’ disease and for patients undergoing thyroid surgery procedures. This works! Be Well! How

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New treatment for low calcium in hypoparathyroidism!

FDA Approves Natpara for Treatment of Hypoparathyroidism “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Natpara (parathyroid hormone) to control hypocalcemia (low blood calcium levels) in patients with hypoparathyroidism, a rare disease that affects approximately 60,000 people in the

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Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: 2014 Update

I just attended the 2014 ATA meeting at San Diego. The following are the simplified global themes discussed at the meeting concerning thyroid cancer evaluation. The theme is to create personalized care based on risk stratification. There is a trend

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Thyroid Nodules: 2014 Update

I just attended the 2014 ATA meeting at San Diego. The following are the simplified global themes discussed at the meeting concerning thyroid nodules and their evaluations. Evaluation of thyroid nodules: Prevalence of thyroid nodules increase with age. 50 percent

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Woes of Grave’s Disease Treatment

In the past weeks I’ve had a number of patients with Graves disease who were trying to decide how to best treat their hyperthyroidism. In this disease the immune system is producing an antibody (TSIg) that binds the thyroid cell’s

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