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Reads for Wellness in 2017: On Telomeres, Behavior, and Brain Science.

We all start the year with resolutions to improve habits, accomplish goals, change the world, etc.  Many give up on their resolutions within 15 to 90 days of making them.  I recommend these three books to strengthen your resolve to be

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This week I was awed and inspired by one of my patients who has Hashimotos (thyroid inflammation), and hypothyroidism. She had to undergo a surgery involving the removal of most of her tongue because she was diagnosed with squamous cell

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My Mindfulness Meditation Story

My mindfulness meditation story: from flight and fight to aware and presently peaceful. During 1996 and 1997 I learned about Mind Body Medicine and mantra-based meditation with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon at the Chopra Center in La

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Wishing All Mindfulness and Hope In 2015

I have been a student of mindfulness stress reduction training since 1997. Mindfulness practice has been life transforming because it has sensitized me to life’s normal stresses. I focus more on the awareness of the current moment, because of this

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Mindfulness in Eating

Check out this amazing TED Talk: Sandra Aamodt: Why dieting doesn’t usually work This is one of the most lucid explanation of set point and weight regulation that I have heard. This is part of what I discuss with patients

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Mindfulness For the Holidays

De-stress yourself. This time is about grace and the blessings of children, family and friends. Stop and take deep breaths frequently! Don’t try to be perfect. Have compassion for yourself and those around you. Assume everyone is trying their best.

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