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Low T3 associated with worse health measures in hypothyroid patients.

A highlight in the concepts that I gathered at 2016 American Thyroid Association meeting in Denver Colorado includes the documentation that low T3 is associated with worse health measures and for the persistent hypothyroid symptoms in patients treated with levothyroxine

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Hypoparathyroidism: Dr. B. Olson’s 2016 update

During the 2016 ATA meetings, I gave a dinner lecture, to endocrinologists, on the use of Natpara on behalf of Shire. Shire is the company that makes this hormone. Natpara is the only FDA approved “bioidentical” parathyroid homone 1-84 that

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A resounding plea to doctors to reinstate use of HRT for women with menopausal symptoms.

My purpose in writing this educational, 2500 word, blog is to help women everywhere get the correct health care and improve their quality of life at menopause.  I am trying to reverse an unfortunately bad trend that affected women’s health

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Why I Prescribe Levothyroxine (T4) First for Hypothyroidism as a Holistic Endocrinologist.

This month I had a patient who is hypothyroid, as a result of Hashimotos thyroiditis, ask me to give her compounded combination t3/t4 thyroid hormone therapy during fertility treatments and pregnancy. She was a new patient to me and came

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Lower energy expenditure and T3 in hypothyroid women on thyroid hormone replacement

Lower Energy expenditure in women receiving thyroid hormone replacement for hypothyroidism. In this March 2016 issue on Thyroid an article explores the effects of thyroid hormone replacement therapy on energy expenditure and body composition. This is a cross sectional study

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New definition of hypothyroidism in pregnancy.

I just returned from the Endocrine Society meetings where the guidelines for treatment of thyrotoxicosis (hyperthyroidsm) and thyroid replacement in pregnancy were discussed.  I will focus on goals for treatment in women who have Hashimotos (positive TPO- AB, or thyroid

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More Benefits For HRT After Menopause

Estrogen treatment started shortly after menopause helps prevent insulin resistance and diabetes. Timing of Estradiol Treatment After Menopause May Determine Benefit or Harm to Insulin Action

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Compounded Hormone Use

The risks of compounded HRT are similar to those of regular HRT. If you choose to use, the uterus needs to be protected! Compounded Hormone Use Common Among Menopausal Hormone Therapy Users

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Continued Support for HRT Early In Menopause

Hormone Therapy Earlier in Menopause May Lower Risk for Developing CHD “Women who initiated hormone therapy early after menopause onset — within 5 years — were less likely to develop coronary heart disease (CHD), whereas those who initiated it later

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Medicare Is Stopping Hormone Replacement Therapy

Don’t lose your hormones, if you are well on them and reaching 65. Medicare is stopping hormone replacement therapy, HRT, in women over 65. Many of my older patients who have benefited from HRT for years are receiving letters as well

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