Integrative Endocrinology

To care and help heal, your doctor needs to take into account the whole person who happens to have the disease. I believe one of my purposes in life is to help, heal, and guide others to wellness with my presence, knowledge, and time.

I have expertise in endocrinology, thyroidology, holistic health. I am passionate about all aspects of thyroid care.  I am trained in the classic western medicine philosophy of finding disease where it is present and manifested through signs and symptoms, doing diagnostic tests to confirm the diagnosis and identifying ways to treat the body’s malfunction by removing what is bad or replacing what is missing. Additionally, I monitor for further signs of disease when the problem cannot be immediately identified, fixed or completely cured.  Further, I care about the mind-body interaction or psycho-neuro-immune manifestations of endocrine diseases: how the mindset, lifestyle and nutrition affect metabolism, illness and vice versa. As a thyroidologist, I manage all physical and psychological aspects thyroid problems, including thyroid hormone replacement, and thyroid cancer care including complementary therapies, and offer second opinions on thyroid issues to patients who need more information for decision making in their care.  I believe I bring a different level of care and perspective for patients who have these imbalances or manifested diseases.  I have been trained and continue to be involved with some of the best medical training institutions in the United States. I actively participate in continuing medical education and maintain board certification so I can offer state-of-the-art knowledge to the healing of my patients.

I have had great interest in other Healing traditions. I have knowledge of the ancient Indian Ayurvedic tradition of whole health and Mind-Body medicine which identifies stages of quality of health from vibrant health to varying degrees of lack of wellness, before disease is fully manifested and recognized by western trained doctors. I believe we can prevent disease though our actions. I am aware that the lifestyle we lead, how we interpret the world around us, the environment we live and work in, the people we surround ourselves with, the work and play we do, our attitudes and thoughts we have, affect how our physical body ages and whether or not genetic predispositions for disease are manifested.  I founded and ran an integrative medicine organization from 1997 to 2014, The Center for Integrative healing and Wellness (, to specifically create a place of learning and dialogue between complementary and alternative medicine providers with classically trained western physicians, like myself.  Doing so for 17 years gave me a depth of understanding how healing and decrease of suffering can be obtained through many paths, as long as patients seek help from well trained and credentialed practitioners.

My purpose as a physician with eastern and western training is to give the patient the best of my mind’s knowledge and to have them benefit from all the arrows I carry in my healer’s quiver. To do this we listen to each other and experience the wonder and magic of healing that happens with good physician-patient interaction. Our goal is to progress toward wellness. A thorough physical exam helps to identify the state of the body.  First, I identify if there is a physical problem that threatens the patient for which western medicine is the best approach.  If no manifested disease is found then I focus on the reasons for the lack of wellness and create with the patients a plan to improve their health.  I often use basics of good diet, sleep, touch and movement as part of healing someone. I also identify dysfunctional beliefs, memories or traumas that interfere with wellness and recommend approaches and/or do coaching to overcome these.

My interactions with my patients are in the moment and direct.  The entire visit is with me. The intention is that mutual understanding and listening occurs so that the patient and I can reach the best path for their healing. Some patients are in need of just medicine, others just lifestyle changes, and yet others need both.

From a personal perspective, I have been a patient requiring advanced western medicine numerous times. I have also walked the path from lack of wellness to vibrant health. I have transformed my life using the same approach that I use for my patients. By practicing what I preach I can guide others honestly how to create their own authentic path to health.