A lower T3 is associated with a longer life.

A lower T3 in healthy individuals is associated with a longer life.
Lower t3 and T4 and higher TSH (blood test that lean toward mild hypothyroids) are associated with a longer life. Supporting Facts are :1)The lower the t4 the longer longevity in animals, 2) Lower free t4 and mild increased TSH in elderlely was associated with longevity. 3) Centenarians have higher mean TSH.4) Heritable hypothyroid phenotype may be associated to longevity.
Caloric and dietary restriction leads to longevity in primates
Controlled weight loss and caloric restriction leads to lower t3 which may be a mechanism associated with longevity. Indeed this situation results in activation of the methionine/homocysteine pathway toward production of more hydrogen sulfide which improves blood flow to many organs and activate other mechanisms that prevents aging. Start fasting now!☺️

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