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It’s On Us

So impressed by Lady Gaga’s performance tonight at the Oscars to support the prevention of sexual assault on college campuses or elsewhere. See and support the cause: ITSONUS.ORG

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Iodine and Thyroid

This past month I had a few patients who had borderline hypothyroid lab tests. Some of these patients were vegan, avoided dairy or were lactose intolerant, and used sea salt. They had normal thyroid glands on exam and ultrasound and

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On Respect For Women

New CDC guidelines on alcohol use for women, intended to prevent alcohol fetal syndrome and date rape, indirectly continue to give abusers a pass on violence to women. A sad conundrum! The CDC’s incredibly condescending warning to young women

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Information for Thyroid and Breast Cancer Survivors

A Possible Association between Thyroid Cancer and Breast Cancer. A study in last month’s Thyroid (volume 25, number 12 : 1330-8, in December 2015) from Seoul, Korea reported that 55 out of 4243 women with thyroid cancer developed breast cancer

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