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Mercury Toxicity

I am mercury toxic! The health department and I decided that the source of toxicity is the fish and shell fish in my diet. Toxicity from methyl mercury comes from the mercury released into the environment from coal burning plants,

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Integrative Approach to Common Thyroid Problems

Today I was helping to teach the Thyroid section to a group of Yale medical students. We were discussing Graves disease, Hashimoto’s and chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, and hypothyroidism. We talked about thyroid hormone replacement in hypothyroidism. One of them asked “What

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Monitoring Activity and Sleep

I’ve been asked this week a lot about my jawbone band which I use, with app UP in my i phone, to monitor my activity and quality of sleep. This is a gadget that uses motion detection, actigraphy, to pick

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Lets Talk About Sleep

We are what we do. Lets talk about Sleep. Sleep is crucial to wellness in general. Less than 6 hours of sleep is associated with higher mortality. Sleep is affected by hormone changes, traumatic brain injuries, psychiatric conditions. Sleep is

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